Mind-set Masterclass with Dinah Liversidge

Un-boxing your mind-set to create new, positive habits for your business and your life

This is an online Mind-set Masterclass, aimed at anyone who wants to create a new, positive mind-set about themselves, their potential, their reality and their business results. In this Mind-set Masterclass, I’ll share new ways to not just create a more positive mind-set, but to support you when it’s a struggle.

Are you ready to find a way to challenge your daily head-talk?
Fed up with your lethargy or lack of follow-up on your best intentions?
Do you want to create a more positive focus in a challenging time?
Then join me for this Masterclass on Thursday 18th February 2021, from 1.30-5.30pm (UK time) and we’ll challenge your mind-set with positive, new ways of thinking.

For a limited time only, you can book a place on this
Mastermind Session for just £95 (full price £195).

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What we’ll cover:

  • Taking control of the stage! Mind-set and my approach to change.
  • Mind your language – how and why it’s time to change the way you talk to yourself.
  • Creating a mind-set routine – my favourite tools to support my mind-set on the good, and not-so-good, days.
  • Understanding your mind-set story and how to start creating a new one.
  • How you can replace a negative habit with a new, positive one (including my 28 day follow-up support and check-in for those paying full price)

This is the third in my No-Box-Masterclass series. To take a look at the previous Masterclass on networking, and to see the feedback from some of the attendees take a look here.

Sharing my experience to improve yours

I’ve been delivering motivational talks and business training for almost 20 years and the constant topic that appears through every topic I’ve covered, has been mind-set. I am often asked how I have kept such a positive outlook, when I’ve had some pretty tough life-tests and lessons to learn. The answer is taking ownership for my mind-set and the habits I create around it.

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In this Mind-set Masterclass, I’ll share my own experiences and journeys that have allowed me to create a new way of thinking about, shaping and owning my mind-set and the results that creates. And I’ll make sure you leave the session with tools and ideas to start creating a new, positive mind-set routine that feels sustainable.

Join me for February’s Mind-set Masterclass

To join me, and be one of a maximum of six attendees on the next Masterclass on Thursday 18th February 2021, Book here. The current price is just £95 (full price of £195 to be set soon).

I believe everyone and every business deserves training to improve their chance of success and happiness. During these challenging times, many people are not earning as usual, and I am therefore making three places available on scholarship. If the only thing stopping you from booking your place is financial, please apply for one of the scholarships. (Your details will be kept completely confidential).

Dinah Liversidge Mind-set Masterclass