Business Development Masterclass Series

When you started your business, like most of us, you’d have had little training on how to make your dreams a reality, how to develop a business plan or how to sell yourself to potential clients. After 15 years in a Corporate career and now more than 20 years as an entrepreneur and small business investor, I’ve created a series of Masterclasses to help you take your business to the place you’ve always believed it could be.

From business networking to your reputation, from how to create a marketing plan for the short, medium and long-term to where to find the elusive ‘Ideal Client’ everyone talks about, the series of six Masterclass sessions will provide you with actionable steps and tools to make real progress and change.

The Masterclass Series will be online, using zoom, and will be in the form of live training and discussion events, lasting four hours, with a maximum of six attendees. All the Masterclass sessions will be with me, Dinah Liversidge.

I launched the first in the series, My Networking Masterclass, in July, and the feedback has been amazing. The next Masterclass is in January 2021 on the topic of Mind-set.

The full list of topics in the Masterclass Series

The six Masterclass Sessions, each with a maximum of six attendees so you get a chance to interact and ask lots of questions, cover the following topics:

  • Un-boxing your approach to Business Networking
  • Un-boxing your credibility to build your business
  • Un-boxing your Mindset to create new, positive habits
  • Un-boxing your goals and creating a vision that excites you
  • Un-boxing the imposter who’s keeping you stuck
  • Un-boxing your Language and looking at how it’s creating your reality.

The third Masterclass in the series is being held for the first time on Thursday 18th February 2021 and will look at how Mind-set impacts every aspect of our lives. The stories we tell ourselves, the limiting-language we adopt and repeat regularly, can have a devastating impact on results. In this masterclass I’ll share my own mind-set techniques to start you on a road to change.

Masterclass Series plus Coaching

If you would really like to take your business to another level next year, I’m offering just SIX people the chance to sign-up for all six Masterclass sessions and have six one-to-one coaching sessions as a package for 2021. We’ll have a Masterclass together every other month, and you’ll have a one-to-one 30 minute coaching session with me in the months in between, to focus on the actions and learnings from the Masterclass. Places are £1,140 (equivalent to just £95 per month). Contact me today for more details. My full money back guarantee applies.

Credibility Masterclass with Dinah Liversidge