Bespoke business training

We are always adapting as business owners and training our teams to evolve and thrive during times of change is key to our continued success. The best people are asking for personal development and training as part of their remuneration deals, not only because they want to get promotions, but more than ever for their own, personal improvement and development.

The training we create for clients is based on getting to know some key things about you, including what makes you stand out as an employer, what values are core to the way you do business and who you most admire as a business leader. We want our bespoke training to reflect you and the business.

We offer training in the following areas of business and team development:

Bold Goal setting
Leading Remote Teams
Mentoring for Leaders
Both sides of the desk (a programme for Executives and their Assistant)

All courses can be delivered in one of three ways:

  1. Online, using a video platform, live with your team and Dinah delivering the training and answering questions.
  2. We create the programme for you to deliver, with your own branding by your HR or Training department.
  3. Once allowed, delivery at your choice of venue, by Dinah.

For client feedback and testimonials, do take a look at my LinkedIn profile and let’s connect.

Contact me today and let’s talk about how some no-box-thinking could take your training away from ‘thinking outside the box’ to a place where is no box.

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