A new way of thinking about training

In our constantly changing working lives, the need and desire for bespoke training that is adaptive, empathic, dynamic and easily available is higher than ever. I’m Dinah Liversidge and I’ve been delivering bespoke training to teams and individuals for over twenty years. My training takes teams from ‘thinking outside the box’ to a place where there is no box.

Dinah’s training was transformational. I’d been struggling to make the franchise model work for me, but after two days with Dinah’s approach, I feel like I’m ready to take on the world

SE, London

I create bespoke training for growing businesses, Training and HR companies, conferences and franchise owners, both online and in-person (Subject to responsible social distancing).

No Box Thinking training with Dinah Liversidge
Photo taken by Jon Lowrence of The PA Hub

Recent programmes have included the following topics:

– Working to our key strengths as a team whilst working from home.
– How to grow your business with a new approach to networking (whichever group you belong to)
– Un-boxing your imposter syndrome
– An introduction to Twitter and how to create engagement
– Presenting online and engaging with your invisible audience

Dinah spent three months working with our sales team and their communication and co-operation with each other was totally transformed. Our sales figures are looking up and so is the future.

MW The Netherlands

My experience from Corporate to Entrepreneur brings a new perspective

My background is 20 years in Corporate and now 16 years as an Entrepreneur. I have seen business from both sides of the desk and this lead me to create training that is designed for effective leadership partnerships. My new programme “Both sides of the desk” is being launched in July 2020 and is designed for Executives and their Executive Assistants to learn together.

This new approach is about working to your mutual strengths, learning how each of you thrives and how to align your key strengths to strategically grow the business. To find out more complete the form to the right, with your contact details and I’ll be in touch.